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Thank you for your interest in the Felician Adult Day Center (FADC).  To begin the enrollment process, please click below to download the New Client Application and Physician’s Form.  When both forms have been completed and received by our office, we will schedule and admissions evaluation for the client.

Click here for the FADC Enrollment Application
Click here for the FADC Physician Form

Please note: If you have any problems downloading or printing the files above, please contact our office at (860) 745-2542 and we’ll be happy to email them to you.

Contact Karen Enderle at (860) 745-2542 or e-mail at kenderle@felicianadultdaycare.org for an appointment.


How FADC can help make a positive difference in a participant’s quality of life?
Our services are tailored to the individual. Through a careful evaluation, each individual participant receives a personalized plan of care developed in conjunction with staff members. Participants and their caregivers have access to experts in geriatric care who work as a team to help participating elders live healthy, productive lives in the comfort of a home-like setting rather than an institutionalized environment such as a nursing home.

One of the most important ways “we share the caring” at FADC is through a care plan for each participant. Each member of the team individually assesses the participant’s health needs. If necessary, specialists are added to the process to more fully share the care and achieve care planning goals.

Family matters to our team
The staff also work with the participant’s family members and caregivers to develop a plan that takes all the health, family and personal considerations into account. Through their inclusion in the staff’s coordinated care plan, caregivers can alert the staff to any changes or health concerns they observe so that adjustments and action can be taken as early as possible.

Care and counsel for caregivers
Being a caregiver is an important role, but it can also become overwhelming at times. At FADC, we also support caregivers through individualized consultation on their loved one’s care plans and caregiver support groups. By sharing the care through our caregiver support, we try to help ensure that caregivers have adequate supports in place and a more reasonable role in working together to support the participant’s desire to live in a home environment.